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Mercury painting

Psychopomp Magic: Mercury rx Cazimi in Gemini 

On the 22nd of May 2022 at 6:28am AEST Mercury in retrograde will be applying within one degree to the ascendant and forming a near exact (within 4 minutes) conjunction with the Sun. Mercury is at 0 degrees Gemini, which places him powerfully in his own bounds, triplicity, and domicile where he is crafty.

Retrograde Mercury is a psychopomp making his pilgrimage through the underworld and when he reaches the Sun, within 17 minutes (or 1 degree) orb it is called Cazimi, an Arabic word that translates as “being in the heart of the Sun.” This is a period when a planet is fortified and made strong by the Sun’s forge, born anew within his fiery rays. 

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