About Psychic Desert

 Photo: Genie Desert at Finders Keepers Melbourne, 2018
Psychic Desert was created in 2015 by Genie Desert when she began exploring the concept of wearable art as an extension of her fine art practice. Genie is fascinated by an ancient time when jewellery was more than an adornment but rather a talisman; a conduit for divine protection, which can involve both the attraction of positive energies to the wearer and the deflection of disease, danger and the evil eye.

Repeated motifs of mythological and theological symbolism can be found within her pieces. Her practice is influenced by the architecture of the Baroque/ Rococo period, the Gothic sensibility of the Victorian era as well as the organic textures found in nature. Genie seeks to combine these elements to create bespoke pieces that empower the wearer and inspire enchanted thoughts of archaeological excavations, buried treasures and magic.
Genie completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts through QCA and a Master of Fine Arts with Distinction in 2015 through RMIT. Genie came to jewellery through a painting practice and has exhibited her work nationally. Genie handcrafts her jewellery, in her Melbourne studio.
Since the beginning my label in 2015, I have been making each item to order here in my Melbourne studio. I am the jeweller behind my own designs, and I craft all my pieces ethically & responsibly.
On Sustainability: I source my sapphires and spinels directly from Australian family run mines and other gemstones from ethical & trusted local suppliers. I preference supporting family run small businesses, who follow ethical guidelines in line with my brand. As I hand craft each item to order I don't have wastage seen from mass production and recycle all metal studio scraps and offcuts for reuse.