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Agathodaemon Bracelet
Agathodaemon Bracelet
Agathodaemon Bracelet
Agathodaemon Bracelet Agathodaemon Bracelet

Agathodaemon Bracelet

$249.00 AUD

  • The Agathodaemon Bracelet is carved from jewellers wax then cast in sterling silver with an oxidised finish and set with an Iolite gemstone. This bracelet is adjustable and can be bent into the shape you prefer and if needed to get on and off the wrist. One size fits all.

    This is a ready to ship piece. For more information about Psychic Desert jewellery please see our FAQ.

    From the earliest records of civilisation it is clear that the snake played a significant cultural role as an enigmatic creature with supernatural powers, alternatively seen as benevolent creator and protector of wisdom and eternal life, or a malevolent force of chaos. Serpents are mythologically associated with the origin of the world and creation, with veneration of ancestors, bestowal of wisdom and power and as symbol of mother earth and eternity.

    In Judaeo-Christian tradition it was the snake which ended life in Paradise by seducing Eve to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In ancient Greek mythology there were two classes of serpents — agathodaemon (beneficent), and kakodaemon (demonic). Cretan, Mycenean and Palestinian excavations produced numerous snake goddesses. In early Egyptian civilisation there is already evidence of a supposed relationship between snakes and healing.

    In a hymn to the goddess Mertseger, a workman on the Necropolis of Thebes relates how the goddess came to him in the form of a snake to heal his illness. The Gnostic's popularised the serpent god, Chnoubis, as a god of healing but it is the Greek hero-god, Asclepius (Asklepios in Greek, Aesculapius in Latin) with his snake and staff attribute who is today best remembered as antiquity’s health divinity.