The Astarte Ring


The Astarte Ring takes it's name from Astarte the ancient goddess of love and war worshipped from the bronze age to late antiquity. As one of the first primordial goddess' of Venus, Astarte represented erotic love and was known as a powerful warrior, one who is dominant and fearless. She is sometimes portrayed wearing a set of bull horns and her sacred animal is the lion.

This ring is a popular and classic Psychic Desert piece, with an organically textured aesthetic and a clustered trio of gemstones.

The Red Astarte Ring is crafted from Sterling Silver and set with 2 natural and one lab grown Garnet. Available in an Oxidised or Bright Silver finish.

Each Psychic Desert product is made to order. Orders may take between 3-6 weeks to be posted. Due to the handmade nature of the products, each ring and it's natural gemstone hues may differ slightly to the image pictured. For more information about Psychic Desert jewellery please see our FAQ.