Saturn Talisman Rings


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The Saturn talisman rings were hand carved from jewellers wax and cast in sterling silver. They were oxidised in liver-of-sulphur and each set with a 1ct natural black Australian sapphire during the elected time of 10:20am (Saturn's hour), 10 March 2021 AEDT.

Cypress harvested on Saturn’s day and hour was encapsulated under each stone in resin. Engraved on either side of each ring is Saturn’s figure from the Picatrix (as found in the Lapidary of Hermes and in the book of Beylus and in the Book of Spirits and Images) and Saturn’s glyph below. 

Each ring comes with a book containing the essay The Gift of Saturn along with the Orphic Hymn to Saturn and original artwork by Steve Boyd.

This ring will be posted within one week of purchase. Resizing is available: up to 3 sizes bigger or smaller than the current size. If you would like your rings resized add a note on purchase with the size you want. 

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