Golden Delight:Delirium Ring


The Delight:Delirium Ring takes its name from Delirium (who was first incarnated as Delight) the youngest of The Endless. She is known to ancient Greeks as the Goddess Mania. Delirium's appearance is never consistent, one of her eyes is blue, and the other is green, her hair changes style and colour constantly, as do her clothes. Her shadow never reflects her shape, and is tangible, like velvet. She is said to smell of sweat, late nights, sour wine, and old leather. Her realm is chaotic, almost completely formless with a constantly changing mass of colours, shapes, feelings, smells and thoughts, that mingle freely and without cause. At it’s centre is a sundial with an inscription in Latin translated “Tempus Frangit” (Time Shatters, a pun based on "Tempus Fugit" or Time Flies) on it.

The Delight:Delirium Ring is crafted from solid gold and set with a baroque pearl, rhodolite garnets and a 3mm diamond. 

Available in 9ct or 18ct Yellow Gold.

Each Psychic Desert product is made to order. Orders may take between 4-6 weeks to be completed. Due to the handmade nature of the products, each ring and it's natural gemstone hues may differ slightly to the image pictured. For more information about Psychic Desert jewellery please see our FAQ.